Estate Administration & Probate 

The loss of a loved one is someone we can never be fully prepared for. It is overwhelming to begin sorting through your loved one’s affairs. Whether they have a Last Will and Testament or not, you will be faced with the question of what should you do with their personal property, bank accounts, vehicles, house, and other family heirlooms?


Typically, an estate will need be opened with the Court to facilitate the transfer of property from your deceased loved one to the living heirs. If there is a Last Will and Testament, then you will need to “probate” the Will. If there is no Last Will and Testament, then you will need to “administer” the estate. Occasionally, it may not be necessary to open a full estate and you may be able to pursue a Small Estate Affidavit when there is no real estate and the assets are less than $50,000 in value, or you may be able to do a Muniment of Title if there are no assets other than real estate.

Ultimately, it can be overwhelming and you may not know where to start. We encourage you to contact us and allow our experienced, compassionate estate attorney help you through each step of this process—from filing the correct paperwork with the Court to paying the necessary debts and distributing the estate’s assets.